Privacy Policy is one of the trading names of Contemporary View Consulting Limited and your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

Scope of Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy presents the way your data is compiled and utilised by Please read the Privacy Policy thoroughly. By accessing and browsing our website, you give your consent to us to collect and use your data in accordance with the ways stated in this Privacy Policy.

If you are not happy with or have concerns about our privacy policy and stated practices, please feel free to contact us by emailing to

Our aim in developing this Privacy Policy is to ensure that you will feel comfortable and secure while using our website and have no concerns about security of the information you submit to us. With this statement we want to acknowledge you that you are giving your consent for the collecting data related to you, type of data collected from you and the methods you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns about privacy on this website.


Our web server allows us receiving and collecting specific anonymous information automatically through standard usage logs and these logs include cookies which can be defined as small text files used to collect information that allows identifying computers. A cookie sent by a web server is stored in your hard drive, identifies your IP address, the domain server you are using in accessing our website, your preferred web browser and your computer’s type. We are using cookies to keep record of visitors and users of our website. As explained above, cookies we store do not include data which will reveal your personal and private data. Be advised that our privacy policy concerns with our use of cookies in collecting data. We cannot be held liable for the cookies utilised by third parties because we are unable to control them and have no authorisation to access the information stored by the third parties.

Information We Collect From You

As described above, cookies in our web server allow us to collect information the way you browse our website. Specifically, they provide us information about the pages you visit or have access; how many times you access to our website, how many times you made order on our web site and whether you click links in our web site as well as which links you click. In addition to above mentioned non-personally identifiable information, we may collect personal data particularly when you are placing order. This information include your first and surname, email address, telephone number, your registered address and information needed for taking payments such as debit or credit number.

Your opinion is highly valued and we may conduct surveys, contests or combination of these two in order to capture your views about the features of our website or our services. You will be included such activities unless you voluntarily registered.

The Way We Use Information

We will retain these data to provide the best possible service. Financial information you provide when you place order will only be used in completing the transaction with you. With regards to the use of personal information, our utilisation is concerned with delivering individualised features, customising our website according to your interests, contacting you when needed or when replying to your query, producing the services inquired by you, keeping record of interaction as ruled by existing legislation, carrying out customer surveys and finding out whether you are eligible for the job you have applied and getting in touch with you about your interest.

With regards to your contact information, it will be used internally in order to improve our products and services, get in touch with you to participate into our customer surveys and inform you with our promotion campaigns.

Typically, we use non-personal identifiable information to identify your preferences when accessing to our websites, to detect troubles with our server, to render our website and to monitor your session in order to identify how you browse our website.

Sharing Collected Information

We can guarantee that we fully respect your privacy and will not sell or share this information with third parties except in fulfilling your request from us, in handling fraud, possible threats which endanger safety and security of any individual, in tackling violation of terms of use and in defending against legal claims.

If we face with situations where we are obliged to protect our rights, to ensure your or others’ safety, to inspect fraud or to reply request from a government.

Your Access to Personally Identifiable Information

If you wish to any changes in your personally identifiable information or if you want to stop using our service, you have right to ask us to change, update or delete our records by emailing us

Update and Changes in Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change due to amendments the way we utilise information. Accordingly we will update our privacy policy and publish the most current edition on our website. Please review our privacy policy every time you place order with us.