Academic Referencing

References are sources of information that are cited in an academic writing to demonstrate underpinnings of concepts, opinions, and discussions presented in that paper.

Why is referencing important?

Any form of academic writing should include references, as students’ ideas and thoughts are built on those of others. It is essential for students to acknowledge an intellectual debt to these sources within their academic writing, as well as at the end of their project in a reference list. Poor referencing may mean lost marks, as even a failure such as inappropriate referencing is considered plagiarism.

Why choose us for referencing?

We are the only firm offering an academic referencing service in the UK. Our academic referencing service includes:

  • Checking the accuracy of in-text citations (right name and year);
  • Cross-checking in-text citations and listed references;
  • Identifying in-text citations without references, and references without in-text citations;
  • Adding missing citations and references;
  • Correcting the in-text citation and referencing style according to the provided referencing guide;
  • Putting the reference list in an alphabetic order; and
  • Adding new references if required (with an additional cost of £2 per reference).

Using our academic referencing service will help ensure not only the accuracy of cited references but also consistency in referencing style throughout your work, and will greatly support good academic practice. 

What is the turnaround time?

We can return a document with up to 50 references within 24 hours. Papers with more than 50 references require an additional day. The adding of new references requires at least 48 hours.

What is the price?

Our fees for academic referencing are as follows:

  • £15 for up to 25 references.
  • £35 for up to 50 references.
  • £55 for up to 75 references.
  • £75 for up to 100 references.