When producing reports for University, you will no doubt have to refer to the work of other people, especially experts in the subject field you are writing about. This is called paraphrasing and can be a little harder than you might imagine.

Of course, it is only right that you should mention and summarise these expert views, but how should you do it properly, without risking copying their work?

This article tells you everything you need to know about essay paraphrasing!

Best practice

The correct way to approach good paraphrasing is to think of it as rewriting another person point of view in your own words:

  • How would you personally describe the idea?
  • Which words would you use?

Sometimes it may be difficult not to use the exact same phrases, as this may be extremely important in conveying the main message. This is not a problem, as long as you surround the use of this phrase with your own opinions and words.

Here are some more paraphrasing tips that may help guide you:

  • Always cite a direct paraphrase. Give credit to the original author.
  • Fully understand the subject before you attempt to rewrite it.
  • Do not exaggerate or miss out key points in the argument.

By sticking to these rules, you will soon be churning out better quality essays!

Online tools

There are now a number of free online tools that claim to paraphrase text for you in a matter of seconds. Are they effective, and could they be a valuable asset?

In reality, they leave much to be desired.

Using a popular paraphrasing tool, I entered the following Winston Churchill quote:

”Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.”

The paraphrasing tool rewrote it like this:

‘Without custom, craftsmanship is a run of sheep without a shepherd. Without advancement, it is a carcass.”

Obviously, this loses much of the original meaning, and the choice of words is definitely far from great.

In short, relying on these tools to improve your grades may leave you in big trouble!

A second pair of eyes

Having another human take a look at your work can be a better idea.

International students especially may not always know the intricacies of the English Language, and can lose marks as a result. For a small fee, it is possible to have experienced, degree-level graduates assist with your essay paraphrasing needs.

We have devised an approach where natural and authentic sounding content can add value to your own work, helping to enhance your grades. We also have a 24 hour turnaround service, meaning short deadlines are no problem.

Here are the benefits to using human-powered paraphrasing!..

  • The original reference will be correctly cited.
  • Different sentence structures will be used.
  • The original meaning will remain the same in new content.
  • Technical terms, and relevant words and phrases will be incorporated in the new text.

Do you need some more paraphrasing advice?
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