It’s often easy to miss small errors in a text. After all, you’ve been constantly staring at it for hours and your brain has become accustomed to it. This means that even the smallest and simplest errors can slip past your guard and remain unnoticed, making proofing particularly important.
Proofreading, as the name suggests, is the term given to the process of carefully checking a document for spelling, grammar, comprehension and typographic errors. It is an invaluable process that every piece of work should go through in order to safeguard its overall quality.
Here are some simple tips that you can take when proofreading to maximise the effectiveness of the process and to stop those annoying errors from remaining uncorrected.

5 top proofreading tips

1. Leave your text for a period of time and look at it with fresh eyes

Sometimes we can get so used to rereading a piece of text that we can gloss over errors. A good way to combat this is to put the text aside for a period after you have written it, and then proof read it after you’ve had a break from it. This can help to readjust your mind-set and let you spot errors that had previously remained hidden.

2. Read slowly

Good proofreading will take time— it shouldn’t be rushed. Always make sure that you read through your document slowly so that you take all of it in and can check for any glaring errors.

3. Read it backwards

In the Western world, we’re obviously used to reading a text from left to right, but when proof reading it can often help to do the opposite. Reading a text backwards when proofing can help you to become aware of errors that could have stayed hidden.

4. Pay attention to homonyms

Homonyms are those tricky words that have the same pronunciation or spelling as another but have different meanings. Think ‘bare’ and ‘bear’, ‘meat’ and ‘meet’, ‘complement’ and ‘compliment’. If you come across a homonym when proofreading, make sure you pay special attention to whether you’re using the right word in the right context—making a silly error is easily done!

5. Get other people to check it

If you really want to maximise the accuracy of your proofreading process, get another pair of eyes to look at the text. This will help you to catch any spelling or grammar errors that you might have overlooked. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

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